5 tips to grow your stream in 2022 [+1 bonus tip]

Getting views on Twitch can be extremely difficult, especially when such a platform is so overcrowded. But, don’t worry, I’m here to save the day. Tyler1 wasn’t always such a big streamer, we all start somewhere.

  1. Always check out the competition
  2. Stream what YOU enjoy
  3. Create your brand
  4. Keep talking and nobody explodes
  5. Use other platforms
  6. Create cool and creative streams

More and more streamers join Twitch everyday, which highlights the need for you to stand out from the crowd! I’ll show you some tips I’ve heard from popular streamers.

Check out the competition

The first thing people see when they open up Twitch, is the suggested streamers who already have a big view count. So, how do you compete?

First, you should watch some of the top streamers in your category, to understand why people like them so much. Think about:

  • Are they doing regular giveaways?
  • Do they give rewards for getting to a sub count?
  • Do they have a sub count on stream?
  • Anything else that might make viewers tune in?

Second, you should not only look at the top competitors, but also, look at the streamers who have a smaller streamer count. Think about the differences the stream has with top streamers and smaller streamers.

Now, you have a clear understanding of your competitors and what you need to do to start progressing.

Stream what YOU enjoy

People are going to tell you to stream games that are popular like League of Legends, Valorant or GTA5, but if you don’t enjoy those games, what’s the point? People get attached to streamers because of their personality, and if you’re focused on playing a game just because it’s popular, means you won’t actually be enjoying the game. You’ll come across as *fake*, no one likes a fake person, let alone a streamer.

Not only will playing these fake games make your streams worse, these popular games are heavily packed with streamers. How are people going to find your stream when there are hundreds or thousands of people streaming the game already?

Main takeaway: Stream what YOU enjoy and let your personality *shine*.

Create your brand

Now, that we discussed what you should stream, your brand should develop from this. Who are you? Are you a variety streamer, an IRL streamer, a one game streamer or a just chatting streamer? This will be important for creating your brand, as each genre has its own community and expectations, maybe you can be the exception? Try something new in the genre and break the stereotypes. For example, try playing Valorant with your feet (you don’t really see many Valorant streamers do that, do you?)

Just be you ❤

Keep talking and nobody explodes

Fun fact, people love it when you talk. Most viewers don’t actually engage with the stream, meaning that most people are relaxing and just listening and watching you play/talk. This means, even though people are not typing, you still need to keep up the conversation! Imagine you were playing keep talking and nobody explodes constantly throughout your stream, just don’t stop. Talk about your day, the weather, the game, something you’re interested in, what you ate, or your hobbies. It could be anything!

It’s pretty simple, keep talking and nobody explodes.

Use other platforms

Viewers don’t just stay on Twitch, they like looking at other aspects of your life. Start tweeting more, start posting pictures on Instagram, maybe start posting your streams on YouTube or even TikTok (TikTok loves funny stream moments). You need to broaden your platform usage AND don’t forget to ALWAYS have you business email in your about section, you could be losing possible business deals.

Not only will you get regulars from using other platforms, you’ll also be bringing in new viewers!

Create cool and creative streams

The last tip I have for you today, is to create cool streams. I’ve seen a lot of people create a sub count or donation count for a specific reward like a *maid costume* (this goes for men and women and please tell me if you do this, I’ll support the stream..). Anyway… cool and creative streams bring in a lot of new users and don’t forget to always use your other platforms to create hype over them! Keep coming with new ideas, and you’ll soon make it big 🙂


Becoming popular on Twitch is definitely not an easy job, but with these tips, you have somewhere to start! Just keep streaming and you’ll find your groove eventually. Drop your Twitch below and we’ll follow you (a step towards growth) 🙂