Influencer Marketing Trends 2023

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2022 saw businesses adopting influencer marketing and that too at a record pace. The primary driving factor was better engagement rate and ROI compared to other forms of marketing. However, more and more companies are moving towards creating authentic content and community around their offerings. Influencer Marketing is the golden bullet if that’s your goal! […]

The Ultimate Guide: Influencer Marketing Manager Essential Tools

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With ChatGPT and many more cool tools coming in, several jobs have turned enjoyable (to some extent). With Influencer Marketing, things seem to be accelerating at a similar rate. The internet is full of so many tools, but which of those should you be using and how? Before we dig deeper into the actual tools, […]

Influencer Networks and KOLs: How to promote using influencers

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Does this sound familiar [email protected]? Well, that’s your first touchpoint with influencer networks. What are those and how they work? We’ll cover them here! Influencer networks, also known as creator networks, helps brands find the right influencers for their campaigns. But it’s more than influencer sourcing. Influencer networks help you monitor your campaign results, pay […]