How to use influencer marketing to boost your sales

One of the biggest financial disasters, the 2008 market crash, resulted in creation and development of many industries we see today. Creator economy is no different to those industries. In 2008, YouTube started paying their content creators. The original YouTubers were finally getting paid for creating the content they loved and new creators were starting to roll in.

The financial crisis of 2008 led to a lot of people becoming unemployed, indebt, and needing money to feed their family. With not many options, many people explored the world of content creation. With YouTube paying content creators for their content, the creator economy was set in motion.

The creator economy is essentially the economy made by content creators. These creators build a brand around themselves by, showing their creative skills or making people laugh.

[1] Creator economy

The Creator economy is only getting started…

Each creator economy platform is different, all having a different purpose [2]:

  • Facebook (2.6 billion monthly users): Focusing on social networking as, they allow user accounts to interact with each other.
  • Instagram (1 billion monthly users): Offering a visual feed that shows photos and short videos, focusing more on photography and graphics.
  • YouTube (2 billion+ monthly users): Allows people to post longer videos and live streams.
  • TikTok: (1 billion monthly users): Focuses on sharing videos, typically on mobile.
Influencer marketing in creator economy

Influencer marketing involves using product placements and endorsements from online creators on social media. Due to the increase in Influencers and their power to influence their followers’ decision making, more and more brands are starting to use influencers more to grow their business. In 2021, it was estimated that a total of $13.8 billion was spent [3].

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The creator economy is only just starting, reaching up to a total of $104 billion already. With startups that assist with connecting brands and influencers.

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