Grow a Startup with 7 easy tips
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Growing a Startup has its fair share of hardships, but you’ll have to push through. The main question is, how do you overcome these hardships? Well, let me tell you. Image credit: Pandle What you will learn: Competitive market analysis Lean and Agile workflow A/B tests SEO, SEO, and SEO! Create a mailing list for […]

Why you should start using Micro-Influencers for Influencer Marketing?
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Being a startup and having a small budget can be difficult, especially when you see your competitors using Mega Influencers. Did you know… using Micro influencers can get you a better ROI? What you will learn: What is influencer Marketing? Different ad types and different influencer tiers Micro-Influencer challenges What is FuzeMon and how can […]

How to use influencer marketing to boost your sales
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One of the biggest financial disasters, the 2008 market crash, resulted in creation and development of many industries we see today. Creator economy is no different to those industries. In 2008, YouTube started paying their content creators. The original YouTubers were finally getting paid for creating the content they loved and new creators were starting […]